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Time to Catch Fly With Chopstick

Tonight I made pork chops and rice in my Instant Pot. This truly has become a dinner time game changer in my household. I don’t think the cook time was any more than 20-25 IMG_1535minutes from start to finish.  In hindsight, the only thing I should have added to he meal was a salad or vegetable to make it a bit healthier and perhaps omitted the rice. Over the last several years I have really tried to commit to eating healthier in the hopes of getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  My little bundle of joy is almost 22 years old now, so I guess it is time. I thought the same thing when he was 15, but I tend to procrastinate.

So where does one start with a lifestyle change?  It is about more than just making healthier food choices, it is about changing a mindset.  Once you are able to change your way of thinking about food you become Miyagi catching flies in midair with chopsticks – then you “accomplish anything!”



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