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My Confession – Part I

My confession:

I have had a Planet Fitness Black Card membership for almost two years.  Initially, I worked out on a regular basis, and then one day something came up and I didn’t go to work out and, before I knew it, missing one day turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and months has turned into two years.  I can recall the first time that I showed up eager to get my workout started and was impressed that were several treadmills not in use.  I looked around, chose the treadmill near the least amount of people, put on my workout music playlist and hit start.  As I began to warm up and was getting comfortable on my machine, my eyes gazed up to the television screen in front of me. dumbbells-2465478_1280That was my first encounter with the reality survival series Naked and Afraid.  My first thought was, “Whoa! What is happening?!” If you haven’t seen or heard about this series, these contestants are dropped off in the wilderness butt naked and have to fend for themselves.  There I am trying to workout and keep my focus but with my music playing Timberlake’s Carry Out on my ear buds and somebody’s bare behind on the screen, it seemed like a banned MTV video.  So here I am almost three years later from my Naked and Afraid moment. This weekend will begin with planning healthy meals for the coming week using my Instant Pot, grocery shopping and heading to the gym.  I have packed the weight back on and might be ready for another episode of Naked and Afraid now that I am afraid of being naked.



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