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Squash The Guilt

Since I have cut carbs I am always looking for healthy options so I don’t get stuck in a rut of eating the same things over and over.  Last night I cut a spaghetti squash in half (not lengthwise), cleaned out the seeds, put the two halves in my 6 quart Instant Pot and moved them around a few different ways until they fit, added a cup of water to my pot and set it on manual for 7 minutes. Once the timer went off, I finished up with a quick release.  This was a cooked spaghetti squash  game changer, the squash nearly pealed itself.  I shredded some left over chicken that I had from the day before and topped it off with healthy spaghetti sauce. Spaghetti squash makes for a fantastic substitute for spaghetti noodles.

Yesterday I was consuming low carb noodles.  Today I found myself in a movie theater watching Black Panther and eating buttered popcorn like there was no tomorrow.  It was absolutely fantastic, so was the movie!  When I came home, I felt a little pang of guilt and so I decided to look up the carbs and fat content in a bucket of Regal buttered popcorn. Depending on which site you go to, this information varies and ranges from you made a big mistake to oh my gosh you are going to die.  I ate well over a half of a bucket of buttered popcorn which has so much fat that it is likely my arteries are hardening like rigor mortis as I type.

After performing a Picard facepalm I decided to focus on the positive changes that I have made like….spaghetti squash noodles.

Time to hit the gym!

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Bras and Betrayal – a workout story

In the 16 days since I started back at Planet Fitness, I have only missed 2 days.  Yesterday was one of them. I am realizing that it is important for me to give my body a day of rest after breaking down tissue. What is equally as important is wearing the right workout clothes.  A valuable lesson was learned today…

After working on strength training, I hopped on a treadmill to get in my cardio workout. Shortly after starting I noticed a sharp pain underneath my breast.  I tried the ol’ discreet wiggle adjustment hoping that perhaps things just got twisted up while using the strength training equipment, that seemed to do the trick for the remainder of my workout.  As I got into my car and started to drive home, the uncomfortable, stabbing pain returned with a vengeance.  I was trying to manuever my vehicle through traffic and trying to prevent my possible death by undergarment at the same time. Anyone that owns a underwire bra, knows and understands betrayal. One moment you are happy and comfortable and the next you find yourself doing Michael Jackson’s moonwalk and other dance moves to avoid piercing your flesh. When that metal wire snaps in half, it feels at though you have been taken hostage at knife point.  With that being said, for your own safety, and perhaps the safety of others, I recommend wearing a sports bra to the gym or wherever you are working out.

Photo by Heather Schwartz on Unsplash

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Sunday Blame and Pain

I read an article at that suggested “Studies in animals have found that when circadian rhythm is thrown off, health problems including obesity and metabolic disorders such as diabetes can arise.” I believe there may have been some sort of digital misprint here because I am pretty certain the article was supposed to read:

Circadian Rhythm Disrupter      aka Chloe

“Studies OF animals have found that pets throw off the human circadian rhythm every. damn. night. which can lead to health problems including obesity and metabolic disorders such as diabetes can arise.” If you have a pet that sleeps in your bed, the struggle for sleep is real.   After jumping on and off the bed all night, as if she were involved in some sort of olympic training, my dog woke me at 5:55 am with a soft moan in my ear that continued for several minutes until I got out of bed.  My dog has a circadian rhythm that usually wakes her before my alarm goes off on weekdays and wakes her at the same time on weekends; I have not had the opportunity to experience mine. Bottom line:  It is my dog’s fault I am overweight and perhaps it is not because of the fact that I really love pizza and wine.

The first thing that I noticed when I crawled out of bed this morning was that every single muscle in my body hurt. Ok, perhaps that was an over exaggeration because my facial muscles aren’t hurting.  So to clarify, ever muscle below my chin has called out sick and doesn’t want to work today. When I went to Planet Fitness yesterday, I decided to do their 30 Minute Circuit which combines strength training and step cardio, however, I choose to only complete the  strength training portion.. When I finished the circuit, I got on a recumbent bike to transition into a gentle cardio workout.  I started off programing the thing manually and then decided to choose a workout program specific for weight loss. The machine prompts you to input your age and your resting heart rate, which I will be honest, that threw me off because I had already been peddling for a few minutes.  I don’t know exactly what I ended up entering into this machine but it flashed a message telling me that my resting heart rate was 70% of the remaining human population and, from what I was gathering, it was asking me ARE YOU CERTAIN YOU WANT TO DO THIS?  Um…yeah, I guess so.  It is a recumbent bike, not the elliptical so what could possibly go wrong?

It started out so easy that I was certain I hadn’t programmed it correctly.  I began peddling faster and faster to get my heart rate up. Just as I was wondering if I shouldn’t try reprogramming it, the numbers began to change. It started out with a low number and slowly kept climbing until it was at 14.  Now I don’t know exactly what 14 meant on the grand scale of things but I can only describe it as you are on a bike and the bike tires are quickly drying in cement and you are expelling every last bit of energy that you have to keep those tires spinning.  My heart rate had climbed to well over 165 and the machine was flashing SLOW DOWN.  I lasted 20 minutes before I recognized that if I didn’t stop peddling that I may perish on a recumbent bike in Planet Fitness and there was no way I was going down like that.

Today may be a day of rest…

*Note: No, I am not really blaming my dog for having a wine club membership and Round Table Pizza on speed dial…

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Theme’s Ok To Me…

I lost about 8+ hours of my life yesterday working on my blog, I wish that could have been pounds.  The more posts that I added to my original theme, the more it began to resemble Black Friday when the doors are rushed and you have no idea which direction to run to first. I chose a more simplistic theme for easier viewing. Please feel free to leave your thoughts or input.

Where did my header come from?  I created my own version of one of those wine and canvas paint parties.  I sat at home, looked up a picture that I wanted to paint, opened up a bottle of wine and began painting.  About half way into the bottle I was certain I was channeling Van Gogh but the reality may have been closer to me channelling a toddler drawing on the wall with crayons.

Have a fabulous Saturday! I am off to the gym…