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Theme’s Ok To Me…

I lost about 8+ hours of my life yesterday working on my blog, I wish that could have been pounds.  The more posts that I added to my original theme, the more it began to resemble Black Friday when the doors are rushed and you have no idea which direction to run to first. I chose a more simplistic theme for easier viewing. Please feel free to leave your thoughts or input.

Where did my header come from?  I created my own version of one of those wine and canvas paint parties.  I sat at home, looked up a picture that I wanted to paint, opened up a bottle of wine and began painting.  About half way into the bottle I was certain I was channeling Van Gogh but the reality may have been closer to me channelling a toddler drawing on the wall with crayons.

Have a fabulous Saturday! I am off to the gym…





3 thoughts on “Theme’s Ok To Me…”

    1. Thank you Tracie. I am so glad to know that I have motivated you. I think I am going have one rest day during the week and push myself the remaining 6 days of the week. I am finding that my body isn’t recovering as quickly as they did in my 20’s. 😉


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