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Shake, Shake, Shake

Day 5 at Planet Fitness:

After getting off the treadmill today, I decided to use the Total Body Enhancement machine.  If you are not familiar with this contraption, apparently it uses red light therapy and vibration to essentially burn fat.  That is the short version. So you step into this machine with pretty much nothing on but your bare necessities, put on a set of goggles to protect your eyes from the light, turn this thing on and choose your program.  I had used this machine a few years back at another Planet Fitness, however, I didn’t recall exactly how it worked. I set the Total Body Enhancement to run program number three out of four programs. Program 1 being a gentle mode and Program 4 having the highest intensity.  As the machine turned on, it alerted me that this mode was suitable for amateur athletes, this is the moment that I realized I may have made a bad decision, however, I decided I was not about to be a quitter.  As the machine gently started,  I was thinking to myself that this level was not going to be a problem, that is when the machine made the announcement that it was in warm up mode.  Once this thing kicked into high gear, I looked around for something to grab onto.  The floor of the machine was vibrating like I was on a back country, gravel road, filled with potholes, doing about 80. I looked up and saw two cords hanging down and I reached up and grabbed on tight like the subway train was going to crash. At this point, I wasn’t thinking about how this was going to enhance my body, and change my life, at this point I was in survival mode.  My previous use of this thing was suddenly coming to the forefront of my memory.  Surprisingly enough, I actually felt pretty energized when the machine stopped and my teeth were no longer rattling out.


Dinner tonight was left-over Instant Pot pork chops and cauliflower mash.  Now I am taking my tired, achy self to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

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