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My Confession – Part II

This is not my first rodeo.  I have been losing weight, gaining and losing again for almost 30 years, kind of like a career poker player minus the smell of bourbon and cigarettes. The only difference is that if I gamble with my health,  it won’t be Guido coming to break my legs, instead, I may be at the mercy of a cardiologist. I simply refuse to give up because at some point I know I am going to have an ace in the hole and win this game.

During my times of weight loss success, there was one thing in particular that was always the constant no matter the variable:


This is truly where it all begins.  Not only do you need to want to be successful, you have to believe that you WILL BE successful. Whether you only have a few pounds to lose or several pounds to lose, it really is about having the mindset to achieve those goals.

I looked out the window today and it was gently snowing.  It really wasn’t sticking at this point but I almost used it as an excuse not to head to Planet Fitness for my workout.  I sat at my computer for a moment and ran through a few more reasons why perhaps I shouldn’t go. What if the road conditions deteriorated?  Hmmm…I grew up driving in Michigan, I can pretty much drive in any road condition; I even specialize in maneuvering my way around plowed snow, potholes and tractors. At that moment I felt the need to explain to my dog that there was really not a legitimate excuse for me not to go to the gym and that she would have to hold the fort down while I was gone. Not certain I am playing with a full deck of cards…


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