“Laughter is wine for the soul – laughter soft, or loud and deep, tinged through with seriousness – the hilarious declaration made by man that life is worth living.”
― Seán O’Casey

How it all began…

Late December I marched into Kohl’s with my Kohl’s cash in hand ready to make my purchase of an Instant Pot. If you have ever shopped at Kohl’s then you may understand the feeling of elation you get when you get a really good deal on something and then they turn around and give you free ‘money’ to be used at a later date. My daughter had raved about her new Instant Pot that she had received as a Christmas gift and I wanted to join her in all of the excitement. Much to my disappointment, Kohl’s was completely sold out.  Even though it was after Christmas, I was still a bit suprised that there weren’t any on the shelf. I went through the entire store like I was investigating a crime scene, hoping that perhaps someone dumped one off in another department.  After scouring every isle like a mad woman, I walked out empty handed.

Flash forward to this past week when I grabbed my mail and saw my new Kohl’s ad with Instant Pots on sale. Alrighty Kohl’s you have my attention!  I headed right for my computer to see how many discounts I had in my online “wallet”.  Much to my amazement, I got a better deal than I would have in December and this is where my story really began…

While waiting for my first meal to cook in my Instant Pot, I poured a glass of wine and went onto the FB Instant Pot Community page to share my first attempt at cooking a whole chicken. Apparently I was not alone in what I had experienced my first time cooking in this thing and the response was truly tremendous.  After surviving my first attempt, the following day I felt more confident to give another meal a try, however, this meal required a quick release at the end, this newbie horror will be discussed in another post.  Once again, I reached out to the FB Instant Pot Community to share my cooking tale.  I was beyond moved by the many responses and the firm push for me to blog.  Thank you to each one of you for awakening my passion to write. And so my new journey begins…

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