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Earbuds and Unwritten Rules

Today my urBeats 3 earbuds arrived and I couldn’t have been more excited, perhaps because they didn’t cost anything. Every time I charged a certain amount on my Visa, the credit card company sent me a $25.00 Apple gift card. So yeah, I had been collecting a few of these.  The earbuds that came with my iPhone do not sit very well in my ears and I find that part of my workout routine has become adjusting my earbuds every 3 minutes.  Once my new earbuds arrived, I headed to the gym to try them out.  The sound quality was absolutely amazing and I felt as though Adam Levine and Maroon 5 were giving me my own private concert.  Unfortunately, the rubber buds that were on them when they arrived where apparently too big for my mouse ears and were falling out while I was working out. The good news is that they come with various sizes of earbuds so I can customize them to fit my little ears. Perfect!

While at the gym today, I was on the treadmill engrossed in my music when I noticed someone hop on the treadmill next to me.  Normally I wouldn’t have thought much about that, since Planet Fitness is a “judgement free zone”, however, there are two rows of treadmills and out of the like 40 treadmills, I would say that 32-33 were available.  Am I the only one who follows an unwritten rule where you choose the piece of equipment that is the furthest away from everybody else, and only when all other spaces are taken do you ever jump on a treadmill directly next to somebody; kind of like how men look straight ahead while standing at a group of urinals, there is an unwritten rule that you never look at the person next to you. Or so I have heard…


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